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FR-One, the one and only FR standard


FR-One - Fire Retardant fabrics

As industry leader in fire retardant fabrics, FR-One is your best insurance for safety and quality in furnishing fabrics with flame retardant properties. Fire retardant fabrics – also commonly known as flame retardant fabrics – are textiles resistant to fire, meaning they avoid or slow down any case of fire and thus ensure safer housing environments.

The FR-One symbol on a fabric certifies that the fabric is inherently and permanently flame retardant, meaning that the fabric has not had flame retardant after-treatment, but that the actual fiber of the yarn is flame retardant.

Fire retardant fabrics: advantages for numerous applications

From hotels and restaurants to schools, hospitals and public buildings: flame retardant fabrics are used in various environments for drapery, furniture and accessories. Applications range from fire retardant chairs, sofas and cushions to fire retardant curtains and table cloths. For any and all applications, you can rely on FR-One to provide the most suitable flame retardant fabric for your needs.

One worldwide standard for flame retardant fabrics

Even though most countries have different FR regulations, across the globe it is becoming increasingly for new construction projects to include flame retardant fabrics. To this avail, FR-One provides the gold-standard for safety. It is a standard that provides interior furnishing and design professionals worldwide with a single means to score above the most demanding FR contingencies.

The reference in hospitality fabrics

FR-One is the single most certified brand complying with the highest standards all over the world. Choosing FR-One makes your job so much easier: you are guaranteed to comply with all fire retardant fabric regulations. Whether you are designing a hotel, restaurant, theatre, hospital or even a cruise ship, FR-One is your number one choice for your peace of mind and safety!

Wide selection of contract fabrics

Whether you are searching for contract drapery or contract upholstery, FR-One has a wide selection of contract fabrics that fit your needs, both from a visual and a technical standpoint. FR-One is the landmark in contract fabrics offering global compliance to all regulations.

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