Inherently Fire Retardant fabrics: FR-One only the best

FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics is the industry-leader in Inherently Fire-Retardant (IFR) furnishing fabrics for contract, hospitality, and residential use. FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics will not propagate the spread of flames, meaning that they will assist in containing flames by their self-extinguishing characteristics. It is important to remember that if your FR fabric is not certified FR-One, it is not an FR-One fabric.

Number one choice

FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics is the number one choice for procurers, interior designers and architects around the world demanding a guarantee that the fabric they are buying meets the highest Flame-Retardant standards in force globally. Every new dye-batch, every new production of FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics is continuously controlled for its Inherent Fire-Retardant nature ensuring that our customers are always buying a guaranteed FR fabric! Choosing FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics makes your job so much easier: whether you are designing a home, hotel, restaurant, theatre, hospital or a cruise ship, FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics will fit your needs!

Number one safety and standards

Fire Retardant properties are known in the fabric industry as "FR". FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics began by perfecting the fibers with Inherent Fire-Retardant characteristics (IFR), a quality that is imbedded in the molecular structure of the fiber and will therefore never diminish. Following years of scientific development, engineering and testing, FR-One created Fire-Retardant fabrics that look and feel natural and are always continuously, rigorously tested and assessed for your peace of mind.

Number one quality and testing

All FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are rigorously tested in independent, certified laboratories and testing houses. In order to preserve the Inherent Flame-Retardant characteristics of FR-One fabrics, it is imperative to refuse any additional treatments or finishes as it may affect or alter the fabric's Inherent Fire Retardant characteristics and quality. When FR-One fabrics are washed, there is no release of any harmful finish whatsoever.

FR-One fabrics are high performance products. We test our fabrics for durability, colour fastness, stability and strength. All FR-One fabrics are fully washable. Our fabrics have strong sound absorption properties; tested under ISO 354-11654 most of our designs are classified as ‘Extremely Absorbing’ category A and B.

Number one style and affordability

FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics presents an extensive variety of FR fabric collections giving the user an expansive choice of thousands of designs and colours which can be transformed into countless interior atmospheres, covering a wide range of budgets. Whether you are creating an interior design scheme for hotels or looking for the perfect fabric for your home, FR-One drapery, upholstery and multi-purpose fabrics are sure to fit your needs. FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics can be used for curtains, furniture, upholstered beds and soft furnishings accessories in both contract and residential interior design projects.

Numerous applications for FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics

Across the globe, FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are required for:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas and Theatres
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Cruise Ships
  • Government Buildings
  • Public Areas
  • Airports
  • Auditoriums

Our ethics

Green conscious

FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are produced from 100% Inherent FR Polyester yarns. The Inherent nature of FR-One gives FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics optimal washing features: it requires less water thanks to its lower water absorption and higher dehydration characteristics resulting in energy savings during drying as well as reducing the concentration of cleaning agents, lowering water contamination and bringing greater sustainability. FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics meet current environmental standards throughout the entire production cycle.

Oekotex 100

FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are environmentally safe and not harmful to human health. FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are certified under the Oeko-Tex standard 100. Oeko-Tex 100 is an environmental certification system relating to the complete production process of textile products. Fabrics can only be certified Oeko-Tex 100 if all components meet the specified requirements, which are regularly updated and go beyond legal regulations. The result is all FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are produced by environmentally friendly mills.


FR-One have taken initiatives for environmental and social well-being, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, our warehouse is largely powered by our onsite solar energy panels, we plant new forests and strive to constantly perfect the ergonomic efficiency in our work environment.