At FR-One we are committed to help creating a sustainable environment. Corporate conscience is about giving back to the communities. When we decided to bring out our book we chose Cocoon Silk paper to print on in order to minimize the impact on environment. We then wanted to do even more to help reducing our ecological footprint. At school we all learned how trees help to reduce the CO2 impact in the air and the idea of planting trees started to grow.
At the time when we wrote our book, our local government promoted a ‘plant a tree’ project. This was a perfect occasion for us to fulfill our FR-One forest dream. In the autumn of that year 6,700 young trees were planted on a piece of land not far from our office.
To see nature grow and develop can bring so much happiness. One sunny day last week Olivier from FR-One and our graphic designer Fien packed the ice tea and veggie wraps in the picnic basket and set off to see the FR-One forest. As soon as they arrived the calmness of nature and the fresh country air gave them an instant mood boost.
A Chinese proverb says: “One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade.” Our trees are about man’s height now but they already created a nice shady spot to lay out the picnic blanket. It was a blissful day and the only sounds came from the birds and the sheep in the distance, the fragrance of field flowers was enchanting. A walk in the FR-One forest is fuel for the lungs but also food for the soul!
Picnic in the FR-One forest
Calmness of nature
Food for body and soul

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