The FR-One collection Hôtel Jardin is presented like a celebration of nature blossoming and growing. It brings a toast to its beauty with 41 new designs. The location where we shot our brochure reflects this vision wonderfully. Hidden in the volcanic hills close to Girona, Les Cols Pavellons is a magical spot.

When you arrive you are welcomed by a charming rural image. A 13th century farmhouse surrounded by a vegetable garden. It’s the perfect retreat to nature. Once you see the pavilions you feel this is a place that can take you away from reality. The rooms reflect a purity that is always in connection with the earth. It gives an overwhelming sensation of nature’s beauty. The reflections of water and the transparency in the rooms evoke an awareness of our environment we can easily forget in everyday life.

Those natural elements and moods are present in the organic designs of the Vittoria collection. A fascinating rosas pattern creates stunning upholstery and theatrical drapery. It brings back the spiritual side of our photoshoot retreat. Pebble-like shapes remind us of zen Japanese gardens and rose lace patterns and leaves are reminiscent of walks in nature. These graceful curves and round shapes are explored through a variety of pastels and designs and give the fabric a wonderful 3-dimensional look.

From classic to adventurous and contemporary, with exquisite jacquards, precious metals and jewels, mirror-like effects and vivid tones, welcome to Hôtel Jardin!
Precious metals
Mirror-like effects

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