Statistics show that from the land with many dark and cold days come the happiest people. Why are Danish people so happy? Hygge is the latest trend word to describe a state of mind where we can find balance in our stressful lives. It is a Danish word (pronounced hoo-guh’) and it reflects the feeling of being totally happy and content because you are in a cosy environment. 

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'Hygge' can be different for everyone. Some people can find a moment of calmness curling up with a good book in front of an open fire, others can best unwind in the company of good friends. Wintertime is perfect for nestling up inside, but sitting outside on a summer evening with friends at the dinner table is just as much part of the 'Hygge' feeling.

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How can you create Hygge in your interior design? Make the space welcoming with soft lighting and the cosy flickering of candles. Think about textures that are warm and inviting, like a green sumptuous velvets. A combination of colours can have a soothing and comforting effect. ‘Hygge’ colours are more muted and not loud.  


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Decorate the room with sofa’s and lots of cushions to relax in. Make sure there are no harsh sounds but only blissful silence or happy laughter. And smells are important too, just think about the moment you open the oven and take out a freshly baked cake. Are you relaxed yet? 

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