European EN 1021 Part 1 and 2

The test fabric is exposed to different ignition sources, namely a burning cigarette and butane flame, to examine its burning behavior.

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Test method

Test method

A test rig is constructed using foam and fabric in order to simulate a chair.

Test method part 1

PART 1: A cigarette is lit and placed in the crevice of the test rig in contact with both back and seat. It is left to smoulder along its entire length. The fabric is observed to smoldering or flaming.

Test method part 2

PART 2: The composed test rig is now tested with a butane flame, which simulates a burning match, to the crevice. After removing the flame, the fabric is observed to smoldering or flaming within 2min.


The test material passes if no ignition or limited area of charring.

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