French NF P 92 503 507 (M1)

Electrical burner test (for 503), complementary rate of flame spread test (for 504) and dripping test (for 505).

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Test method

French NF P 92 503-507 (M1) 503 electrical burner test

A specimen is placed in a specimen holder at 30° above a radiator which gives out heat. A small butane flame is applied directly to the fabric surface. The following aspects are recorded: - duration of the flame; - production of burning droplets; - length/width of the damaged specimen.

French NF P 92 503-507 (M1) 504 rate of flame spread test

A flame is held against a vertically positioned sample. The after flame time is recorded. The flame spread is calculated by determining the time for the flame to spread between two reference marks. The production of burning droplets is also noted.

French NF P 92 503-507 (M1) 505 dripping test

A sample is placed on a grid under the radiator. A cotton wool pad is placed below it to collect possible droplets. Heat is applied from the radiator. Ignition of the wool pad is recorded.


The test material is classified M1 to M4.

M1 to M4 classification

NF P 92 503-507 (M1) test