IMO FTPC P7 Textiles and films Fire Test Marine Equipment

A specimen of the fabric for maritime use to be tested is oriented vertically. A flame is applied to it to determine the burning behavior.

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Test method

Test method

The test specimen is placed in a vertical metal frame. A flame is applied to the surface and to the bottom edge of a test sample. It is observed whether ignition occurs. After flame time, burn-through to the edges, burning droplets (by means of a cotton wool pad), the charred length and the possibility of surface flash are observed.

Part 7: test for vertically supported textiles and films - reference standard

This includes: IMO Res. A563 (14) - amendments to the recommendation on test method for determining the resistance to flame of vertically supported textiles and films; IMO Res. A471 (XII) - recommendation on test method for determining the resistance to flame of vertically supported textiles films.

Part 8: test for upholstered furniture

This includes: IMO Res. A652 (16): test for upholstered furniture smouldering cigarette test and butane flame test


The test material passes the test if it shows following characteristics: - after-flame time maximum 5 seconds; - no burn-through to any edges; - no ignition of the cotton wool pad; - average char length maximum 150 mm; - no occurrence of a surface flash propagating more than 100 mm.

Additional information

On 5th December 1996 IMO/MED introduced under MSC. 61(67) a new International Code for application of Fire test procedures to be implemented on 1st January 2010. The new code is named IMO FTPC (short for Fire Test Procedure Code). The required tests are listed under those Fire Test Procedure Codes: IMO FTPC Part 1: Non-combustibility test; IMO FTPC Part 2: Smoke and toxicity test; IMO FTPC Part 3: Test for “A”, “B” and “F” class divisions; IMO FTPC Part 4: Test for fire door control systems; IMO FTPC Part 5: Test for surface flammability (test for surface materials and primary deck coverings); IMO FTPC Part 7: Test for vertically supported textiles and films; IMO FTPC Part 8: Test for upholstered furniture; IMO FTPC Part 9: Test for bedding components; IMO FTPC Part 10: Test for fire-restricting materials for high-speed craft; IMO FTPC Part 11: Test for fire-resisting divisions of high-speed craft; Annex 2 Products which may be installed without testing and/or approval; Annex 3 Fire protection materials and required approval test methods; Annex 4 SOLAS, chapter II-2, regulation 5.3 and 6.2, (MSC/Cir.1120).

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