Japanese JIS L1091

A specimen is subjected to a flame under different conditions. Its burning behavior is observed.

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Test method

Test method

The specimen is pre-treated: at first it has to be washed or dry cleaned 5 times, then conditioned in the oven and put in the desiccators before performing the actual test. The specimen has to be tested according to the scheme below and according to its weight.

45° micro or meker burner test

The specimen is placed in the test chamber and heated for 1 or 2 minutes. Flaming and smoldering behavior is observed, charred area is measured.

5% loose test

The specimen is placed in the test chamber and heated for 1 or 2 minutes. Charred area is measured.

45° coil test

Insert the specimen into the coil. Suspend the coil with the specimen at an angle of 45°. Adjust the flame so that its top touches the lowest end of the specimen. Heat the specimen until it stops to burn. Readjust the flame and repeat the procedure until a reference point is reached. Measure the number of flame applications needed to reach this point.


A material passes this test if: - During the 45° micro or meker burner test the afterflame does not exceed 3 seconds, the afterglow does not exceed 5 seconds and the charred area is less than 30cm²; - During the 5% loose test the charred length does not exceed 200mm; - During the 45° coil test the number of flame contacts is not less than 3.

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