Swiss SNV 198898

The flammability and smoke density are determined, respectively according to SN 198'898 and VKF. The first determines the burning behavior of a vertically oriented fabric, the latter assesses the smoke development of a fabric that is completely burnt down in a test chamber.

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Test method

Determination of flammability according to SN 198'898

The test specimen is hung in a test cabinet. A flame is applied to the bottom edge of a test sample, for a duration of 3 seconds and 15 seconds. The afterflame and afterglow time, damaged length, and the rate of flame spread are observed.

Determination of smoke density following VKF

The test specimen is put in a test cabinet and subjected to a flame until it has been burnt down. The generation of smoke is assessed by means of photometry: the maximum light absorption of the smoke is measured.

Result for flammability test

The test material passes the test if it shows following characteristics:- Afterflame time maximum 5 srconds - Damaged length maximum 150mm.

Result for smoke density test

Based on the measured light absorption the material is classified: - ‘qualmgrad 1’ for strong smoke generation; - ‘qualmgrad 2’ for medium smoke generation; - ‘qualmgrad 3’ for low smoke generation.

Certified testlabs

  • EMPA
  • Lerchenfeldstr.5
    CH-9014 St.Gallen
  • 41712747823