Browsing through the FR-One collections you will find lots of new ideas for your next bedroom design project.
In need of some Spring vibes? Add some touches of yellow and fuchsia, from the FR-One Marvell and Miles collections: 

Marvell and Miles collections

A bedroom is a place of calm and rest, but why not add a little extra to it: make it 'glamour zen'!

Nabucco and Nali & Nyx collection

Turquoise gorgeousness to wake up in: 

Vittoria and Vanity collection

Dare to be bold and fashionable, what about the on-trend color deep purple? 

Cherish Velours and Diatonic collection

A neutral colour palette is calming and you can give it some character with details of soft shades and small patterns: 

Genii collection

Uplift a timeless blue and white colour combo with a striking pattern from the Marvell collection:

Mythic and Marvell collection

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