Technical excellence and beautiful design. This is FR-One.

Operating in Belgium for over a decade, FR-One has become the leading quality label in fire retardant furnishing fabrics, synonymous with safety and design excellence. Our fabrics combine high performance properties with extensive decorative scope and affordability, covering the demands of any project.

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Form and function

At the heart of our brand ethos is the consideration of both “form and function” – this too, is the principle at the core of interior design and architecture.

It is because of this shared vision that FR-One has become the partner of choice for contractual projects – from residential to hospitality, restaurants to cruise ships, health care facilities and commercial properties. 

Navigate tight project deadlines with our Fast Track service

FR-One's service initiative, Fast Track, a specific collection of best-selling contract essentials, allows designers, architects, and contractors alike to seamlessly fast track their orders against tight project deadlines.

Labotex-approved, OEKO-TEX® certified

All fabrics are rigorously tested by Labotex, an independently ISO certified laboratory.

Striving for a better world, all of our fabrics meet current environmental standards and are fully washable without releasing harmful finishes.

Our OEKO-TEX® endorsement means the fabric is environmentally conscious and safe for close skin-contact, with additional key attributes such as sound absorption and light filtration for the functional design of comfortable, people-centric spaces.

Our mission is to inspire with a wide range of beautiful fabrics, which conform to safety standards the world over, as well as the needs of the most demanding contract projects.

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Introducing FR-One’s Lithology range

To date, FR-One has launched 10 exceptionally successful ranges, each with a unique visual story, and all with a strong balance of application, key attributes, and functionality.

Both form and function make our ranges timeless, ensuring our ability to continuously service and cater for the contract project market. 2018 marks the launch of our 11th range, Lithology, which epitomizes our FR-One vision.

Lithology: a wealth of possibilities

Our Lithology range is inspired by mineral layers and their magnificent textures and tones.

Combining an array of exceptional characteristics, they can be luminous, transparent, glisten, matte, cloudy and opaque, polished, brushed, and beautifully irregular.

Lithology features nine alluring drapery and upholstery collections, paying homage to these mineral attributes.

Lithology boasts five wide width ranges, allowing for the construction of seamless curtains and sheers, whilst reduces fabric wastage and manufacturing costs.

All items within this collection are easy to care for, and washable at 71⁰C / 160⁰F, passing the American hospital washing standard (AATCC96) for hygiene and cleanliness.


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