Plum is a rich and opulent colour that adds depth and a luxurious feel to your design scheme. We have seen it recently passing on Instagram feeds in combination with a cool and slick pastel blue. Discover this great colour match in the collections of FR-One, like the dim out series Ataton that offers fabrics that are matt or have a little shine to it. 

Ataton Dim Out collection
'gosh' design from the Genova collection

This textured velvet in damask pattern from the Grandioso collections exudes luxury and style. 

When we read about the plum and pastel blue combo love on interior designer Gabriella Palumbo's blog Flat15, we got inspired us to make this moodboard which has added details of metallic and grey. Combining textured and plain velvets, dim out fabrics and sheers, you see here a selection from The FR-One 'gioia', 'masilk', 'gaspeite' and 'kavalier' designs.
'gwendoline' design from the Gossian collection
'gioia' design from the Grandioso collection

“gioia” (pronounced joy-ah) is a precious metallic embossed design. This dim out design has some striking colour in its range like this striking plum. Dare to be strong in your colour choice and add a slight lustre for an ultra-sophisticated feel. 

The Marvell collection is ideal to create an effect by saturation or to add an exceptional touch of colour to a sophisticated scene. In the 'marsala' design we see the plum, purple and blue shades put to use with fabulous decorative effect. 

'marsala' design from the Marvell collection
Chieftain and Endure collections

Discover similar shades in the two-toned jacquards from the Chieftain collection and faux leathers from the Endure collection.

The Genii collection has a series of exceptional fabrics with both upholstery and drapery qualities. 
With small geometric patterns inspired by neckties motives. 
'galahad' design Genii collection
'gwendoline' design

A softer way to bring purple tones in your interior is by using it in a pattern, like this fabulous floral design with watercolour effect from the Gossian collection. It's the first time in the FR-One collections that we have introduced a patterned dim out fabric.

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