The collections of FR-One offer a diverse range of fabric textures and designs, meeting the needs of most interior furnishing projects. Take a look at that diversity by viewing the collection presentation videos below.

Savvy Collection

Sensational Collection

Sensuous Collection

Solunar Collection

Starlight Collection

Stylo Collection

Synergy Collection

Blockbuster Collection

Fast Track Collection

Lazarus Collection

Lexicon Collection

Liberate Collection

Liro Collection

Loci Dim Out Collection

Lucence Collection

Ludo Collection

Lure Dim Out Collection

Lust Collection

Moon Collection

Obis Collection

Oblix Collection

Ole Collection

Oolong Collection

Optima Collection

Oracle Collection

Osian Collection

Osiris Collection

Ossimi Collection

Ouzo Collection

Re-Delis Collection

Regal Velvets Collection

Re-Store Collection

Resurgence Collection

Re-Vive Collection